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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Thanksgiving...good times

Well.....yet another Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and that rumbling you hear in the near distance is Christmas. Man the years seem to fly by.

There is a pivotal point when the years starting moving at light speed. I have done much research about this and I am fairly certain my hypothesis is correct. The years drag until you hit the age of 21....then they start flying by. Soon after 21...what may seem like seconds....you hit 30. The next phase where time takes yet another quantum leap in speed is after you have kids....pretty soon yer a year away from 40 and then you really start wondering where the hell all this time has gone.

Anyway....let's jump back from that incredibly large tangent that just sort of fell onto the screen.

Thanksgiving....good times. Good time with family that I hadn't seen in a long time. Thanksgiving day at my folks house was fun, hectic, and crowded. My folks place isn't that big to begin with, add 15 adults and 8 grand kids and it's a recipe for chaos. It was. Adults with no energy and kids with endless energy made for an interesting time. We all did make it out alive though so we got that working for us.

Fast forward to Friday night...had the chance to hang out with some old friends and finally meet some new ones (yes...I finally met the weather chick and her other half in person) Good times....good times. Anyone up for a week long trip to tornado alley?????? Jason and Michelle were up and it was good to have them back in the fold....I missed them even though I didn't really realize it until we were again enjoying some frosty beverages at "The Bone". It was good to see Dave and Rich...even though we all live within minutes of each other we seldom get together to share old times or shoot the shit about new ones. And lastly and certainly least was Jerry. I have to admit, it was good to see him again as well...even though he does sort of scare me with the hair and beard action he has going (picture the death metal bass player aggressive type.....yeah you know what I'm talking about). Heather was there too and it has been a long time since I have seen her!! Good friends every one of them.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again during the silly season that is approaching. Till then take care of yourselves.