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Friday, November 14, 2008

A short rant...

This is to the fuck stick earlier today that cut me off. Maybe it's me...I don't follow the logic of why this a-hole had to hammer it off the line only to get in front of me to turn right into a parking lot. There wasn't a car behind me...what the fuck was this dirt bag thinking? Fuckin greedy is what he is..ass hole. He's lucky I didn't have a cow catcher on the front of the truck...I would have wrapped his back seat around his fuckin head.

Alright..I'm done...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin.....the in-law that won't leave...

The election is complete and the Democrats have triumphed. Why does the media continue to put Palin center stage? Is it because it makes ratings? Maybe. Now I hear that the buzz is whether she will make a run at the White House? Are we serious? What part of the campaign didn't showcase this individual's lack of any sort of political prowess? How many stupid comments about pitbulls, lipstick, glass ceilings, and Hockey Mom's do you have to hear before the light goes on about just how unqualified this person is? People..this Sara Palin is not fit for the office she currently holds..much less the White House. The more she fills the television screen on all the news shows the worse she looks. She can't answer the questions asked. The Rebumblicans are in serious trouble if this is their great hope for they are doomed if this is all they have to offer the people of the United States.

Actually..come to think of it...maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Obama...Oval Office...Big Chair. Now the work begins.

Well....the democrats should be quite satisfied after the complete trouncing they took 4 years ago.
Obama and the Dems won with authority and then some.
Palin eventually caused the implosion of the Republican party...and now everything is right with the world.
My only caution people is the simple fact this country as well as the world is pretty fucked up right now.
To think that this one individual is going to be the 2nd coming is ludicrous.

I watched the acceptance party for Obama and although I was happy to see him win (I did vote for him after all); I thought all the bawling, raising hands to the sky, and the praise Jesus crap that was going on amongst the crowd was a bit much.
And Oprah....not gonna even go there.
The guy isn't a god after all and these people looked like they were a witness to some divine event.
Come on....a divine event?
If anything, the American people finally pulled their heads outta their assess and spoke up for once.
This election was quoted as seeing one of the largest voters turn outs in history.
I guess my question is where the fuck were all you morons 4 years ago?
Did we really have to go through another 4 years of that W. fuck before you finally figured it was the right thing to vote.
How dare you people....how dare you!!!!!
People say voting is a privilege.....it is a duty you schmucks...a duty...do you hear?!!!!
Freedom and democracy is a fragile thing..and we are fortunate to be here enjoying our rights.
Again....I hope and pray that Obama is the man we all think he is.
Is he capable of leading this country out of the funk that we are in?
For the sake of my 401(k), I hope so.
More importantly are you (yes you reading this blog) willing to do what it takes to help bring this country out of the funk that it's in?
Time will tell my friends...time will tell.
I'll see you all in four years when I'll ask all of you if you are better off now than you were four years ago.
My hope is that we all answer with a resounding yes.