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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Politics and you

I have added a YouTube link on the sidebar to exemplify the candidates stupidty.

American Idol..the stoopidity never ceases to amaze..

My wife is a fan of the American Idol phenom. I watch the first couple episodes and then I stop watching it. The reason that I usually only watch the first couple of episodes is the fact that the true meaning of stupidity and self righteousness comes out. These people come from miles around only to be told to fuck off by the judges, it cracks me up. These people for some reason actually have the thought that they are in some form or fashion...talented. The only talent I see is a talent for making themselves look like complete and total idiots. The part I really like is when they get the news of how incredibly untalented and shitty they are at singing, they leave in a huff calling Simon names and telling America that they will be back and take the world by storm. I say..don't quit yer fuckin day job assholes. YOU SUCK and that's the end of it. You aren't taking anything by storm except maybe the shitter. Go back to the backwater town you came from and disappear into obscurity where you fucking belong you morons. PLEASE!!!!! I can't believe how utterly stoopid these ass faces are.

As I am watching the show right this second, they are interviewing a mother of one of the contestants that states that her only reason for existing is American Idol. What kind of a looser is this chick...and she is enabling her fruit cake son to go to audition after audition...11 and counting from what I understand. What a couple of fuck ups.

I can't stand it...but I love to see these fucks go down in flames...it brings a certain satisfaction knowing that these pukes have been completely destroyed. I am off to bask in their misery.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Family Guy: Blue Harvest I WANT YOU

Classic...classic. And I am not even a Family Guy fan.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Done as a Society...part III

I have tried to hold my tongue and not flip out over the freakin caucus crap going on in this country of ours. It has gotten to the point where I can't take the stupidity anymore. For this particular blog entry I will leave those Republican sum biotches alone and focus my rage on the stoopid Dumbocrats. One short positive note...I have lived to see the day when an African American and a Woman are running for president. Up until recently I was amazed that we actually were on the edge of making history as a nation, then the fuckin bottom dropped out. I heard a news report commenting on a few things the candidates had said or at least how they had been interpreted. Obama had called Hilary out for playing the gender card, and Hilary had all but called Obama out for playing the race card. Could this actually be happening??? I can't stand it...please...please....please just focus on the issues you morons...that is what the people care about..not yer petty personal differences.

Hope is lost....I am moving to Canada.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

A new year...a group of resolutions

Well people it is a new year. It is that time when all of us look back on the previous year and judge ourselves. I have taken the look back and reviewed my progress as a member of society, a father, a husband, a friend, and a son. The following is a list of things I would like to improve upon as I continue this journey of life.

I vow to continue the work outs that I have fired up again as of 2 weeks into December. I think I have hit the 21 days it takes top make something a habit if you believe that bullshit. My family history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and massively high cholesterol should be sufficient to keep the fear foremost in my brain. Not to mention the health scare I had earlier in December where I actually thought I was having a heart attack (I digress).

I need to make sure we spend more quality time as a family. Last Friday we took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games and we had a great time. My son likes playing the game where you roll the balls up into the big loops to get points. He hasn't quite got the hang of it yet as his rendition of the game is to take said ball, walk up to the loops and whip the ball overhand into the loops. Although he has an unorthodox way of playing the game, he did hit the 10,000 point loop five times resulting in a massive amount of tickets.

I need to spend more quality time with the wife. Insert evil laugh here.

I need to find a hobby of some sort. This has been a tough one as I am not really interested in any one thing enough to exert enough effort constituting hobby status. My problem is a get bored with things very quickly...a result of an obvious attention deficit disorder (what was I just thinking about?)

Last..but not least I am am going to take a brighter, more tolerant look at society. I admit that many of the blog entries from last year were a bit over the top and I am turning over a new leaf. You get nothing but duckies and bunnies from this kid from here on out. I must be tolerant of my fellow people and accept them as a whole without prejudice and judgement.

Actually, who I am kidding.

Society..look out cause there is a new Shire Reeve in town and he is just waiting to bust a foot off in yer ass the minute you do something fucking stupid. You have been forewarned. And for all you fuckers out there that are thinking right now, who does this chump think he is, and what right does he have to scoff at us. It's America jerk off...if you don't like it change the fuckin channel, there ain't a gun to yer freakin empty cranium. Ya see chuckle head it's called democracy. You have your opinion and outlook on life and I have mine. You may look up at the sky and in that freakin small head of yours believe it's green..that's your deal. I would look at you and let you know yer full of shit, that's the way it works.

All opinions expressed on this blog are those of the owner of said blog and most definitely not that of yours. Deal with that one pin head.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am IRONMAN!!! Well actaully Colossus

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