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Monday, October 12, 2009

And now for more of nothing....

This blog has been mothballed until further notice.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oprah Winfrey or Open Windbag?

I have been saying it for years.....Oprah's following is much more of a cult than anything else. All she has to do a mention a word like "yuck" referring to the beef industry and her flocks automatically obey. These mindless drones will change the direction of their life based on a few uttered words from Oprah. The scary thing about it is...she believes her own hype. The guests that she has on her show are held to such high praise and her flocks accept what they are saying as a gospel of sorts. Finally...the sham is slowly being revealed as the sensible people are holding this woman's feet to the fire. Believe me people....this lady puts her pants on one leg at a time, has bad breath, bed head, and farts in the bowl like the rest of us. She ain't a prophet...she is a regular person like the rest of us, well, aside from the 2.7 billion that she has milked all you mindless fucks for. Ultimately the fact that she is a quadrillionaire is due to your own ignorance. Now all you feminists that are going to toss me under the bus for being "threatened" by a powerful woman can go and screw yerselves...sorry to say that ain't the case. I am simply stating the obvious, Oprah is an individual that is full of herself and has suckered millions of people into believing her crap.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Does anyone really care enough about anything we are saying to enable all these outlets to continue? Why would any of us think that we are significant enough to spout our crap about our less that stellar lives? People like this dipshit Perez Hilton started as a blogger and for some reason he thinks his fuckin opinion counts. What a fucking tool!!!! Self depricating fuckers....all of us. Turn the lights off and shut the hell up ya losers.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A step to far...if true

Alright....if this is true...I have to disagree with the Democrats...more so Obama. I was reading the news on and ran across a blurb about the CEO of GM stepping down. Upon reading the story it stated that the CEO was stepping down at the request of the White House. THE WHITE HOUSE???? Does the President have the authority to do this? I am not saying that the "Big 3" are saints by any means, but I am saying I ain't comfortable with the government having all this control. There are to many lobbyists and special interest groups that have agendas that do not speak to the support of the American people. A government by the people and for the people seems to be slipping away a little more every year. I am no political genius, nor do I play one on tv and my opinion may be way off. I can say that I am uncomfortable with the way this is playing out.

Friday, March 20, 2009

False Propaganda...I hope...

I may have heard it all on this one. Driving into work this morning I caught a news story that described some legislation that is being shopped at the Minnesota capital regarding taxes on the miles that we drive. What the hell is that about? Is it more propaganda by the republican chumps to strike fear into the hearts of the public or is it actually true that the freakin dummacrats actually want to yank more freedom away from us? Both parties are so full of shit these days...I may have to go independent out of principle.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pelosi with her nose in the air.

I am a bit disappointed with Ms. Pelosi and her shenanigans. It would seem that she may have it in her head that her poop doesn't stink. She is taking a few to many liberties in my opinion. Using military aircraft to haul her ass around in addition to hauling her friends and family around. Those are paid for via my tax dollars and I don't appreciate her misuse of them. A little to high and mighty for me. Nancy...remember why your there and who you are there for, it's not to abuse the perks particularly with times being the way they are.

AIG opinion. Should government have the ability to compromise a legal contract? I am not in favor of the pukes that are responsible for the major league f-up with AIG that crippled the company getting paid for being idiots. I am also not in favor of the government taking that kind of control of private business. Does that set a precident for future power and the abuse of that power? I am starting to get a bit uncomfortable with the extremes of both parties. To much of one thing is never good. I am all for change....just not a swing all the way to one side.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have we learned nothing?

So I am watching the news this evening and catch the last part of a story they were doing about Wall Street and bonuses. Bonuses? Who in the hell is getting bonuses? The same assholes that got us into this problem are getting bonuses. To top it all off the bonuses they are collecting are from the very same dollars that were part of the bail out. Is there no end to the fucking greed of these sons of bitches? I heard Barack's comments and he called them shameful. Shameful???? That's it? Obama you better get your ass in there and roll some heads dammit. Shameful? Those fuckers need to pay!!!! American people....good people are losing there jobs and these bastards are getting bonuses paid for by MY TAX DOLLARS!!! Go and get them Obama...that is why I put you into office. I want this money taken back and then a great deal of accountability for those pieces of shit. Consider me a pissed off American with little to no tolerance for people that take advantage of the system resulting in the less fortunate getting fucked!!!!

I said my piss off all of you!!!!