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Sunday, July 01, 2007

A bit of a rant....

A buddy of mine posted a blog about being the old guy at a metal concert. His description of the fans there watching what I would consider a decent band touched a nerve in me. What is with the youth of today? Now..stop right there in your tracks. I don't need any commentary from any of you youngsters tellin me I'm to old. I am to old...to old to deal with all of your bullshit. I never thought I would be saying this...I weep for the future. Kids these days have this delusion that they are all rock stars, that they are entitled to everything with little or no effort. Another thing they all seem to little or no grasp of is something called respect...for themselves or anyone else for that matter. Now, I was an asshole when I was a kid. I tried to be a rebel with the long hair, torn up jeans, Motley Crue t-shirts, and loud music blasting out of the car speakers. One difference is I always had respect for people..something kids these days have no comprehension of...damn little whipper snappers. Now I have to eat my applesauce and take a nap.