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Friday, December 08, 2006

Who are you..and what have you done with my daughter?

She amazes me a little bit more everyday. My little girl is amazing. Alright...alright I'll stop gushing. Actually it is a bit scary really. I travel quite a bit for work, usually twice a month I am trudging back to MSP International Airport to board another flight for destination somewhere. This week was Denver...next week is Atlanta..the week after that...I forget. Anyway, like I said this week was Denver so Tuesday morning I was off to the airport. On my way out the door I got my hug and kiss from the wife and kids with my daughter saying in somewhat 2 year oldese...by daddy seeyo waiter. Hearing that almost brings a tear to the eye each time I leave and it doesn't get any easier as the years go by. The week was uneventful in Denver...each night I would call home and talk to everyone..the wife would rundown the day as my son could be heard in the background either hollering in delight at something he was doing or crying cuz he was hungry and mommy was not moving fast enough to fill his face with the nearest bottle of formula, then my wife would hand the phone to my daughter who would say, hi daddy followed by silence cuz that is all she had. Thursday rolls around and I am traveling home, I land wait for my luggage, walk to the truck, get in, turn the key, let it warm up, and head for home. I walk through the door and I hear the little foot steps of my daughter running for the door to see who it was. Hello daddy...glad to see you, mommy and I went to the zoo today. I could see her mouth moving and I could hear the words however my mind had not caught up. In my shock I looked at my wife and said, "what the hell did she just say?" at which point I was abruptly hit with the remote control to the head for saying H..E..double hockey sticks in front of the children. She repeated the phrase with extremely clear enunciation. I had only been gone for 3 freaking days and somehow during that time she had graduated from Harvard. Who the hell is this kid and where is my daughter?

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Jason said...

At least it wasn't "Hey, old man. How bout the car keys and a pack of smokes?"

Heh. I'm evil.