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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tagged? Tagged? How dare you!!!

For some reason unbeknown-st to me..I have been tagged in a multiple move by a fellow horseman of mine...you bastard!!! Now I have to fall on my sword and confess 5 odd things about me that you may or may not give a rats pa-tootie (word?) about. So..odd things...let's see. Uh....well....ahh....um....

1. Sometimes when listening to music I will play the drums with my teeth. Not actual drums mind you, I will click my teeth together with the beat of the drums. It is actually quite difficult, especially when listening to the early years of Metallica.

2. I crack my toes and my ankles in my sleep. This drives my wife nuts...really, no foolin I have been told that it sounds just like snapping a dry tree branch.

3. I created Jackamania...soon to be published..stay tuned.

4. I once scaled the outside of the Winona State Library and reached the 3rd floor (a result of the aforementioned Jackamania).

5. I have a Bobble head collection consisting of; Dante Culpepper, Randy Moss, Matt Birk, Spider-man, The Terminator, Ozzy Osbourne, and Robin from the Teen Titans (don't know how odd that is...but, best I could do).

Sadly....I have no one else to tag...wait I tag Dave...even though he doesn't read my blog ever..not that he knows it exists for that matter.


Jerry said...

And you said I was wierd. Hehe.

Mike said...

We are all wierd man...that is what being a Horseman is all about.

Jason said...

That's for damned sure.

With your tooth thing, and my breathing, we could scare all hell out of people if we listened to Slayer in public.