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Saturday, May 12, 2007

I missed it...dammit

All the people that really matter to me in the world (besides my family) got together last night to meet the newest edition to our family of friends...and I missed it. Luckily I was able to read a brief run down of the nights events written by one of the horseman whom I call my brother. It sounds like the air was thick, the brew was flowing, and everyone had a good time...and I missed it. For those of you that have children, it is difficult to get time to do the adult things that my wife and I used to do quite often. Friday and Saturday nights were filled with dinner, movies, liquor, and even that 3 letter word. Now...many, many lifetimes later, we have been destroyed, beaten down, only the corpses of rebels, ashes of dreams and blood stained streets...oh..sorry...I digress. Anyway...it seems that this new edition to our family of friends has earned the name Indy. Sounds like a decent enough name and suits her well due to her origin (at least as much as I know about it). I for one am glad my friend has found someone that he enjoys spending time with. I look forward to meeting her sometime in the near future.

For my friends that I missed last night..I apologize and hope the night was a good one.

Take care....and Muppy Mup.


REDSOX said...

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Jason said...

No worries. We'll just have to reload and do it again. And this time, more midgets. And fire trucks!

Jerry said...

Don't forget the drugs and hookers!

Mike said...

I hear that..and again..and again. By the way jason, I'll be heading to your soon to be home state tomorrow. Looking forward to the 2 hour drive north from Dallas to Ardmore. Good times..yeah....good times.

K said...
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K said...

Yeah, you missed it, but a good time was had by all!!
Perhaps next time!!!