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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Oprah Winfrey or Open Windbag?

I have been saying it for years.....Oprah's following is much more of a cult than anything else. All she has to do a mention a word like "yuck" referring to the beef industry and her flocks automatically obey. These mindless drones will change the direction of their life based on a few uttered words from Oprah. The scary thing about it is...she believes her own hype. The guests that she has on her show are held to such high praise and her flocks accept what they are saying as a gospel of sorts. Finally...the sham is slowly being revealed as the sensible people are holding this woman's feet to the fire. Believe me people....this lady puts her pants on one leg at a time, has bad breath, bed head, and farts in the bowl like the rest of us. She ain't a prophet...she is a regular person like the rest of us, well, aside from the 2.7 billion that she has milked all you mindless fucks for. Ultimately the fact that she is a quadrillionaire is due to your own ignorance. Now all you feminists that are going to toss me under the bus for being "threatened" by a powerful woman can go and screw yerselves...sorry to say that ain't the case. I am simply stating the obvious, Oprah is an individual that is full of herself and has suckered millions of people into believing her crap.

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