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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The lady is a Biotch

Part of the reason that I started this blog was to allow myself an outlet. One of the ways I like to utilize this outlet is to bitch and complain about idiotic people that have been allowed to operate a motor vehicle. I am speaking specifically about those freakin dipshits that are oblivious to the fact that other people exist around them. Case in point, one day last week I pulled through a drive through of a well known establishment to grab a quick bite to eat before heading home. This is where my adventure begins. As I had pulled into the parking lot another car had been sitting at the order board. For the intent of this blog entry, the passenger of said vehicle will be referred to as biotch. Now, biotch was sitting at the order board placing her order and the order for her daughter who was sitting in the front seat without any type of child restraint. During the ordering process one looks over the board, chooses their order, and communicates that to the person behind the scene. From what I was observing, it seemed that either this person had never been to Micky D's, or was simply the dumbest human being on the planet. How hard is it to order food at the drive thru? For this biotch, this was going to a monumental task where her mental faculties would be challenged to the hilt. As I sat there behind this moron, I listened to her ask question after question about whether she had to get fries with a burger, did the burger have to come on a bun, why didn't they have Pepsi, etc. If that wasn't bad enough, she had obviously passed on her stupidity to her daughter as she was leaning over her sticking her head out the window shouting things like, we are at McDonald's, my mom has a blue shirt, where are you?, and so forth. I am not a patient man to begin with and I can't stand stupidity, so at this point I was beside myself sitting in my truck behind this idiot. After what seemed like 30 minutes she put her car in reverse and almost backed in to me, luckily she figured out the problem and put the car in drive causing it to jerk forward sending her kid flying into the back seat. I pulled up and placed my order like any normal human being would, then proceeded to pull around to conduct payment of my order. As I pulled around the corner, to my horror, the adventure continued. Biotch had pulled her car up to the payment window a good 4 feet from the opening causing the employee to have to lean out from the waist up to get her money because this moron wasn't about to get out of her car. She was also changing every part of the order she had taken a lifetime to put together at the order board. This part of my adventure took another few years off my life. They finally brought her order to her at the payment window due to the fact that she had not meandered up to the pick up window yet as she was still barking orders at the employees. I had finally had enough....I couldn't take anymore of this shit. I layed on the horn and shouted, "lady there are others people who are trying to get some food here so I would appreciate you moving along and getting the hell outta the way for the rest of us." Well, I can tell you that she didn't appreciate me letting her know she was not the Omega Woman (huge sub-reference) and flipped me the bird. That is when the other people who had witnessed this biotch taking her own sweet time chimed in, and they were a bit more terse than I. This biotch finally slammed on the gas and pulled forward. Free at last, free at last. I payed for and received my food and pulled around the corner of the building only to find that this biotch was sitting in the middle of the drive through exit screwing around with something in her car. Unbelievable!!!! I pulled up and around her got in front of her and stopped. She layed on the horn and shouted for me to move. I turned to her, rolled my window down, and stated "sucks don't it". I waited for a few seconds more to land my point with this idiot and then slowly drove away. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

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Jason said...

There are days when I wish I didn't need my car so much. I'd love the chance to ram that woman's bumper into her back seat. Of course, since I drive a little car, I'd probably just slide under said bumper until it came through my windsheild and detoothed me.

They call it "FAST food," lady. Heh.