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Sunday, September 14, 2008

What the hell is a Republicrat? A completely and empty rant.

I saw a brief article on MSN the other day and the title was Republicrat. What the hell is a Republicrat? Has a new political party developed under my nose? Who are these people? Are they people? Where did they come from? Have they been here all along living among us? How long? What do they look like? Do they eat meat? Are they vegetarians? Do they reproduce? Where do they shop? Do they clip coupons? Do they know what a coupon is? Do they think the word coupon is as silly as I do? Do they drive cars? Hybrid or not? Do they hunt or hug trees? Are they upper class, middle class, do they have a class? Do I know someone who is a Republicrat? Do I want to know someone who is a Republicrat? Do they put their pants on one leg at a time? Which leg goes in first? Do they stand up and/or sit down when the pee? Do they wipe once or twice, or are they so different from us that they don't have to? If they do wipe, do they look at the TP before dropping into the bowl? Does their poop stink? What color is it? Do they pay taxes? Do they have lawn mowers? Are they push or riding? Do they shower? Do they have to put on deodorant to keep from attracting flies? Do they brush their teeth? Do they have teeth? Again I say, what the hell is a Republicrat? Is it any of the aforementioned, or is it yet another group of people that have their own agenda and want the rest of us to follow suit because they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they are right and the rest of us insignificant boobs are wrong?

Whatever the case ya fucker's...vote yer conscious in the coming elections, the world as we know it is spiralling into the abyss and we have one vote to make our opinions heard. Whether a change in Washington or more of the same occurs...the sun will rise...life will go on, at least until our actions destroy ourselves.

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