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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A step to far...if true

Alright....if this is true...I have to disagree with the Democrats...more so Obama. I was reading the news on MSN.com and ran across a blurb about the CEO of GM stepping down. Upon reading the story it stated that the CEO was stepping down at the request of the White House. THE WHITE HOUSE???? Does the President have the authority to do this? I am not saying that the "Big 3" are saints by any means, but I am saying I ain't comfortable with the government having all this control. There are to many lobbyists and special interest groups that have agendas that do not speak to the support of the American people. A government by the people and for the people seems to be slipping away a little more every year. I am no political genius, nor do I play one on tv and my opinion may be way off. I can say that I am uncomfortable with the way this is playing out.


dchmielewski said...

The US Gov't is now a shareholder in GM, and will own close to 50% of the company if the latest agreement is ratified. The CEO always serves at the pleasure of shareholders (the board of directors actually, who are supposed to represent shareholders by proxy). Rick Waggoner should have been canned years ago. Its unfortunate that it takes the President of the United States to make it happen. I see your point, and the ends don't justify the means, but I will not shed a tear in this case.

Mike said...

I won't be shedding any tears either for these money hungry shit burgers. Just wondering where this is going to lead us in the future.