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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

And so it is...the alpha and the omega. BSG.

It is with mixed emotion that I enter this blog. Friday will be the premiere of the final season of Battlestar Galactica. This is a show that I have really taken to. I'll admit I was a fan of the old series cheesy as it was and I was very suspect of this new version of the old scene. After being glued to the TV for the last 4 years, this version has a solid plot, believable characters, and great special effects. I will be sad to see it go, however very interested in how the bring the series to a close. Now what am i gonna do with my Friday nights???? I may have to start reading books...gasp!!! I ain't that desperate...bwa...ha...ha...ha...and uh ha.


Nik said...

Frakkin' YEAH! I, too, am a HUGE BSG fan, of both versions. The good news is that this season will last us a while. The plan is to show the 1st half (13 eps) now, with the final 11 next winter/spring (ala Sopranos). Also, they are developing a "spin-off/prequel" called "Caprica", which basically follows how the 1st Cylon war started. One of the main characters? One Joseph Adama (father to Bill & grandpapadama to Lee).

And pardon my little self-indulgence here...Lee? *PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!* More towel scenes!

/me done now.

Jason said...

We don't watch the new Battlestar. Michele considers is a heresy that the Starbuck in this new version is a woman (and a Cylon, as far as we can tell from the promos).

I'm guessing this is one we'll shun until we watch it on DVD, then get addicted and watch 5 seasons in three weeks.

Me? I'm ambivalent. I liked the old series, but I can embrace a new interpretation.

Michele said...

Don't forget that Boomer is now female, as well.

I really did try to watch it - maybe it was the episode I saw, but I wasn't impressed. Sorry guys!

Mike said...

I have to admit I was outraged when I found out the blasphemy this show was dealing with the fact that Boomer and Starbuck were chicks. The first episode was slow at best and I too had written this new version of the old scene off. I did keep watching and found that this series stands on its own.