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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Have we learned nothing?

So I am watching the news this evening and catch the last part of a story they were doing about Wall Street and bonuses. Bonuses? Who in the hell is getting bonuses? The same assholes that got us into this problem are getting bonuses. To top it all off the bonuses they are collecting are from the very same dollars that were part of the bail out. Is there no end to the fucking greed of these sons of bitches? I heard Barack's comments and he called them shameful. Shameful???? That's it? Obama you better get your ass in there and roll some heads dammit. Shameful? Those fuckers need to pay!!!! American people....good people are losing there jobs and these bastards are getting bonuses paid for by MY TAX DOLLARS!!! Go and get them Obama...that is why I put you into office. I want this money taken back and then a great deal of accountability for those pieces of shit. Consider me a pissed off American with little to no tolerance for people that take advantage of the system resulting in the less fortunate getting fucked!!!!

I said my piece....no piss off all of you!!!!


dchmielewski said...

You are on fire this month, Mike. This a very populist sentiment, one that everyone who isn't getting a bonus from a Wall Street bank can easily identify with.

The problem with the "we have to pay bonuses to retain the best people" ethos that the defender's of this practice espouse, is that these banks no longer answer solely to Wall Street. Now that they owe their existence to suckling at the teat of the government, they also answer to their new shareholders, the US taxpayer.

And they had better have a damned good explanation for how/why bonuses are necessary to retain employees when the rest of us are just trying to keep our jobs?

Mike, any news about the impact on you guys of the Best Buy cuts, or is that yet to be seen?

We will keep our fingers crossed.

Mike said...

My point exactly Dave. Heads had better roll and roll quickly if and when any shenanigans happen to occur.

Enron, Petter's, Ponzie(sp?). Financial responsibility lay with the companies first and foremost, however we the taxpayer should push for more oversight to prevent these catastrophe's before they cost the taxpayer billions to clean up the mess.

The people that took benefit from those deeds should be on the hook to reimburse those people affected until they have nothing.

I would still like to see public ass kickings where these people are also stomped into mud holes.

I realize the last statement does shy away from a cicvilzed perspective on life and government.