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Saturday, November 04, 2006

I never talk politics....but

Alright, I am sure that all of you have seen or heard a political slam ad at one time or another as we charge full steam into another season of voting. As we each do our duty as citizens of these here United States I'd like to ask one question. Does anyone know what the hell any of these candidates are talking about? One time, just one time, I would like to see an ad where the candidate actually talks about what he/she stands for or clearly defines what he/she will do in the event that they win the office for which they are running for. These ads do nothing but blabber (is that even a word?) on and on about what the other people supposedly thought or said. Don't vote for him, he'll cause the grass to stop growing and turn blue, if she wins your taxes will triple and you'll be forced to work nine jobs flipping burgers to make ends meet (no offense to the people that do flip the burgers as I think you people are great). I don't know about the rest of you, but I am full now and I don't want anymore from the buffet. I can't wait until Wednesday when we will all be rid of these annoying, grandstanding, showboating ads. Cripes, gimme an ad for freakin toilet paper again as sad as that sounds I am looking forward to it. Somebody give me a hug....

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Jason said...

Here's your hug, brother. My head's about to a splode from the political crap, too. I have my finger on the mute button the whole time I'm watching local stations. Urgh. They all need to be hit by buses full of flaming turkey droppings. Flaming, I say.

Good to see you on teh intarwebs!