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Saturday, November 04, 2006

A place to clear one's head.

Think of a place where you are at peace. Luckily I have a retreat where I can find peace in this world. My family has a cabin in northern Minnesota where I have been spending summers as far back as I can remember. Of the places I have been in my travels, and I have been a few places the last 10 years having visited every state in the union except Hawaii, one place is my favorite. A bend in the Pine River where a pile of rocks breaks the water. The fishing is great and a guy can lose track of time in a hurry sitting along the waterline with a line in the water. Whether you catch anything or not is of no concern, for it is the solitude you experience. You swear sometimes that you're looking at heaven. As a kid, my cousin and I would come to this place and turn over the rocks looking for anything that moved; minnows, crayfish, or frogs. Below the rock damn was a great place to hunt for painter turtles, the turtles caught here were a sure win during the turtle races every summer in Nisswa. Now I bring my daughter to this place so she knows the joy of this little bend in the Pine River, she runs around picking up rocks and throwing them into the water. I look forward to the turtle races next summer as my kids continue the winning tradition. This one little bend in the river is my favorite place, and hopefully it will be my kids favorite place as well.

Muppy Mup people....


Jason said...

What is this "peace" of which you speak? Hah!

Yeah, there were some good times up there. Is old Haugie (sp?) still alive and creepy?

Mike said...

Old man Haugie is gone, his creepy place has been bull dozed over and someone new has taken up residence is his place.

As for the times...they were pretty damn good.