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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Done as a society....

Driving home from work today, I was talking to a buddy of mine about plans for the weekend. As I drove down a side street on my way to the gridlock that was 494, I took notice of something that has always boggled my mind. What is the purpose of those poor bastards that sit out in the elements dressed as the Statue of Liberty? I realize that they only show up during tax time, however I never got the gist of what they exactly were suppose to do. Other than looking absolutely ridiculous and waving at each of the passing cars..I don't get it. Not once has the fact that they are standing there caused me to think...jeez I should get my taxes done by whoever these poor schmucks are acting as human billboards for. I guess you have to ask the question; would you get your taxes done by someone who utilizes these chuckle heads to advertise for them? I wonder what the actual impact is for a company using this type of retarded advertising in getting people dumb enough to buy the gig in for an appointment. How much do these people make an hour, is there a training program before they issue the uniform? Are they equipped with mace in case some drunk fuck decides to get out and kick the holy hell outta them? Is there a union that they belong to, and if so what it there take? It can't be much that is for sure, look at the working conditions? Where do they find people willing enough to do the job?

To many questions and not enough answers. Done again as a Society.


Jason said...

There's a similar phenomenon here in Norman, but it's year-round. Stores in the area hire homeless guys (reasonably hygienic ones, anyway) to wander the sidewalks in front of their stores holding advertising signs. I imagine these guys get paid in free food and maybe a couple of bucks, but it can't be enough to stand and wave at cars as they pass.

It doesn't make me want to eat pizza (most of these signs seem to be for Little Caesars)--it just makes me sad. But I guess it's good that people desperate enough to do that job have someone willing to oblige them. I suppose.

Mike said...

A sign of the times I guess. I usually return the wave to be nice. We should all be pretty thankful that we are not in that position.