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Saturday, January 03, 2009

New Year......do we dare to hope?

Well..2009 is here. We are all another year closer to the end of the Mayan Calendar on Dec.12.2012. What happens then? Armageddon? End of life as we know it? Dogs and Cats living together? Mass Hysteria? Maybe..maybe not. Will Klatu and Gort show up and kick our bottoms because we are a stupid, warlike, and destructive species? Stranger things could happen I guess. We are a year older although most evidence does not point to the fact that we are any wiser. Well..maybe. We did vote Obama into the White House. Now we all have to hope and pray (if you're a religious lot) that he has the skills and is able to do everything that everyone seems to think he can. With everything going on between Hamas as Israel he will be tested soon enough. At least Bush will no longer be a factor..well except for maybe the ghost of his stupidity.

For the record I would like to wish my friends both old and new a safe and prosperous year.

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