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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vikings...consider them a hurtin unit!!

We are in deep trouble. Tavaris has moments of promise only to sink into delirium during the very next week or even the next play. The kid has an rocket for an arm, yet the precision of my son throwing his stuffed toy football. Actually, I may be biased however I think my son has actually thrown a more accurate ball to me during our early football training sessions here in the house. The coaching staff of the Vikings has no idea how to call a play or properly utilize a star running back who blew the doors off the Bears defense two weeks ago. What is this 50/50 usage of Adrian and Chester? Childress comes here with much hope and promise only to completely flounder as the leader of this team. My hope for a bright future anytime before my children graduate is slowly going into the toilet. Go Vikes...yay.


Jason said...

I actually had that game on while I worked on Sunday (and when I wasn't working), because I'm intrigued by the Adrian Peterson factor.

I learned two things watching that game:

1. Brad Childress is a terrible coach. He's Mike Tice bad. He's worse than Denny Green, and I hate Denny Green. He might be Les Steckel bad. Twelve carries for Peterson all game? When the quarterback can only complete six passes? Yoikes.

2. Tarvaris needs a bunch of years as a backup before he'll be ready to run a team. A bunch of years. Maybe decades. He's horrible. Can't pass, can't read a defense, can't avoid a sack, only escaped the rush once that I saw. Awful.

I don't know if I can watch again. That kind of incompetence makes me crazy.

Jerry said...

We are speaking about the Vikings you know. There are some things that are predictable. Just thank all those Eagles fans for buying up the tickets for this coming game just so they could watch their last win of the year.