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Monday, October 08, 2007

Working out again..been a while

I have over the last few months began lifting again with very positive results, although I have noticed that with age comes a slower recovery time as well as a bit more creaks and cracks as the heavy weights go up. I have reached a 280 lb. bench, a feat I had not accomplished since college all those years ago. A personal goal of mine since 2 years ago I went through some major shoulder surgery on the right arm that took 3 months of physical therapy and another 8 months of recovery time.

What I do find to be kinda funny is seeing all the youngsters in the weight room. I find it funny because I used to be just like them. Attempting to lift weights that they know are WAY TO HEAVY for them. You see them loading the plates on the bar, laying down on the bench, grabbing the bar, breathing heavy with the first lift, only to see the bar crash down on their chest. Just yesterday I thought this kid's head was gonna blow off as the bar hit him square in the chest. If I hadn't of pulled the bar up it (his head) very well might have come off. I cracked a smile when he said, "thanks for the spot man..I had it". "No, you didn't" I said, as I warned him about breakin his shit trying to lift to heavy. Other's are walking by every mirror they can checking themselves out of the corner of their eye..flexing to make sure that everyone sees just how freakin ripped they are. Turning sideways between machines cause they are just to wide to walk straight through. Show Boaters, Grand Standers, Wannabe Superstars, ridiculous, and I was just like them. When I think about it, it's quite a humbling experience really. Was I really that much of a punk ass idiot? Yes...yes I was.


Nik said...

OMG... Mike, I think you're my new Hero. You have links to both NOAA & NWS on your page!!!! =)


Weather geeks unite!

Mike said...

United we stand!!!!